Last update: Oct. 5, 2018:
      Works catalogued: 20,076
      Albums catalogued: 6763 with
            14,847 discs.
      Recorded works: 47,305


This web site allows one to query classical music works, recordings and albums (this is not a download or commercial music site). uses a sophisticated data model and computer programs (see Application Aspects for more information).

Alas, while contains data on most of the "standard" classical repertoire, it contains data on a fraction of the recordings that have been made (see the "Last update" section in the upper right side of the screen).

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  Big Sets are compilations of a major composer artist, or a composer-genre
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To view the parts of the application where data is edited, please use 'guest' as the Username and your first name as the password. To establish an account, press on this link. Changing Music or Recording data requires administrative access.

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