Mark Kiuchi

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The "Business Objects Framework" is a Java J2EE object-oriented software framework. Framework software reduces development time and increases reliability by encapsulating a set of commonly-used functions into the framework.

The framework is targeted towards "CRUD" (create, retrieve, update, delete) problems most commonly found in business applications.

In the framework, data-access to specific data sources are abstracted to higher-level framework methods allowing a large degree of data independence. For example, in the framework software, the code which retrieves data is the same regardless which of the supported data sources are accessed.

While simple data retrieval needs can often be addressed using spreadsheet or low-end database software, more complex requirements usually require custom programming or configuration. The "Business Object Framework" seeks to reduce the amount of the custom programming required to create such applications.




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Diagrams (PDF, opens in separate window): BOF Topology Alternatives    Data Source Architecture